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Classic TV Commercials is pleased to present Classic TV commercials. Enjoy the show!


Renault Dauphine (1958)
Run Time: 1:24
Producer: Renault

The car made in France to make driving fun again. Gets up to 40 miles per gallon. Handy as roller skates and twice the fun. Balloons optional.


Chevrolet Impala Station Wagon (1959)
Run Time: 2:28
Producer: General Motors

Junior makes faces, Dad comtemplates a new station wagon and Mom has trouble with the old car door. It's hijinx and mayhem outside the dealership window leading to a new car purchase. Was there ever any doubt?


Dristan Decongestant Tablets (1960)
Run Time: 1:25
Producer: Wyeth Pharmacuetical

Dristan is like sending your sinuses to Arizona. But what if they lose the luggage?


Robert Burns Cigars (circa 1940's)
Run Time: 1:23
Producer: General Cigar Co.

Robert Burns Panatella are nature filtered for mildness and better taste. Two cigars for only a quarter.

Americn Motors Rambler Station Wagon (1967)
Run Time: 1:25
Producer: American Motors Corporation

AMC presents a new take on an old story in this promo for the 1967 American Motors Rambler Station Wagon.


Speedway 79 Gasoline (circa 1950's)
Run Time: 1:28
Producer: Speedway

Speedway Power Fuel gasoline jingle adapted to the spiritual gospel song "Dem Bones". Note: Poor Sound Quality.

Lustre Creme Shampoo (1960)
Run Time: 0:55
Producer: Lustre Creme

Creamy lather, beautiful body, for hair he'll notice.

Winston Cigarettes (circa 1940's)
Run Time: 0:59
Producer: R.J. Reynolds

Winston tastes good like a cigarette should.

Heinz Pickles (1960)
Run Time: 1:26
Producer: Heinz

Somebody get this lady a Heinz Pickle - QUICK! Heinz is the proud pickle.

Eveready Battery (1938)
Run Time: 1:24
Producer: Eveready Battery

A recreation of events surrounding a potential train derailment averted by police officer Harold Sewell in Beaumont, California using only his trusty flashlight powered by Eveready Dated Batteries.
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